Four of Raleigh's most versed musicians formed Maj Deeka in early 2018 when Evan Bost asked his dear friend and musical mentor Andy Blair to join the rhythm section of Matt Kirk and Ryan Masecar for a dynamic jam that traversed musical styles and emotions seamlessly. The group proved to be a natural fit, and a high-octane quartet was born.

Maj Deeka exhibits all the qualities needed in a prolific jam band: a collective ear for interesting harmony and melody, a rock-solid groove, chops on hand when the music calls for notes, and the time-earned sensibility of making a piece of music greater than the sum of its parts. This is a band that believes in challenging the auditory status quo. Their original compositions are fresh, unique, and can’t be neatly filed into a pre-existing sonic bucket. From unsuspecting vocal harmonies, soaring guitar solos, odd time grooves, and jazz harmony layered rock n’ roll, their music satiates a well developed musical palate while simultaneously appealing to a broad audience.


Maj Deeka’s songwriting and improvisational abilities are matched by a decade of performance experience in previous projects; whether the crowd is comprised of 50 friends or 1,000 unfamiliar faces, the band performs consistently, professionally, and passionately.

As Maj Deeka enters their third year in early 2020, their sights are set on touring the greater Southeast, further establishing the Maj Deeka experience, and writing new compositions that stay true to the mission of challenging the stereotypical “jam band” sound. The only certainty is that no one, including the band, knows what they might pull off next. Maj Deeka is Evan Bost on Keys/Vox, Andy Blair on Guitar/Vox, Matt Kirk on Bass, and Ryan Masecar on Drums/Vox.


T H E   B A S I C S 


Years active:



Rock, Funk, Jazz, Fusion, Soul, R&B


Raleigh, NC

Band Members:

Evan Bost
Andy Blair
Matt Kirk
Ryan Masecar

Associated acts:

Groove Fetish, Fonix, Stammerings, Jimi King Trio

Nautilus, Catalyst


Garbanzo Music

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